The Sitting Epidemic

Many adults spend over 11 hours a day sitting. Understand why experts believe prolonged sitting is the new smoking.

The Sitting Epidemic Book

Includes interviews with 20 health experts and references over 80 medical journals.

This eBook will help you to improve your health while you work, explains why it’s critical for us to make positive changes to our workday now and guides you through how to make healthy improvements to your workday. By creating an active workday you will experience better health, increased productivity and significantly lower your risk of disease.

Inside you’ll find:

  • - Practical methods and tips
  • - How to create an active workday
  • - How to use a standing desk correctly
  • - Ways to tackle lower back pain
  • - Insights from health experts
  • - Extensive medical research
  • - 180 pages

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Humans are not biologically designed to be sedentary. The more you sit, the unhealthier it is for your body.

Elisa Terry - Program Director of the
UCLA Recreation Fitwell program

Much research has now proven a link with many chronic illnesses and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Professor Avni Sali - Director of the
National Institute of Integrative Medicine

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